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I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut the home base for WWII aircraft manufacturing, Chance Vought, Sikorski, Grumman, Republic, Pratt and Whitney, Curtiss Wright, Avco Lycoming, Norden, Remmington. I spent my summers sailing on the sound, flew model airplanes forever, flew airplanes my sophomore year of highschool, Mr. Flynn's class! Being on the inside of an airplane was a breath of fresh air. My dad went to Embry Riddle, Beech factory ferry pilot, flew non sched and cargo from 1955 to '62, met my mom on the Connies, Lycoming test '62-'63, PanAm '65-'82, retired United '89. I joined NROTC in '82, asked for a T-28 summer, wanted to fly F18's but they had other ideas so I said "see ya!" and went to work. Moved to Oregon to windsurf the gorge, wrenched on and raced Formula Fords for ten years and here I am!